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Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide


Ahh, Lake Como. With its azure waters, grand villas, and Alpine backdrop, it’s no wonder why this stunning location has captured the hearts of travellers and celebrities alike. But what makes this Italian gem even more magical are the myriad day trips it can serve as a starting point for. Ready for an adventure?

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

Why Lake Como is a Perfect Base for Day Trips

Lake Como is more than just a picturesque destination. It’s centrally located, with nearby gems that can be easily accessed by boat, car, or train. From charming lakeside towns to fashion capitals, Lake Como’s position is perfect for those eager to explore Northern Italy’s diversity.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • The Magic of Bellagio

Ever heard of Bellagio? Often dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Lake’, this quaint town with its cobbled streets and colourful buildings epitomises Italian romance. Picture this: sipping an espresso while gazing at the lake, all surrounded by flourishing gardens.

  • Italy’s Pearl of the Lake

Whether it’s strolling along the promenades or sipping on Italian wine, Bellagio exudes elegance and romance.


Then there’s Varenna. Rustic and charming, it’s just a short boat ride away from Bellagio. You can stroll the lovely promenade and lose yourself in its medieval alleys here.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • A Lakeside Gem Just a Boat Ride Away

Varenna’s intricate lanes, quaint villas, Lake Como, and panoramic views provide a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist centers.


Only an hour away by train, Milan is an eclectic blend of modern and historical. Fancy some shopping? The fashion capital awaits! And don’t get me started on the jaw-dropping beauty of the Milan Cathedral.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • Fashion, Culture, and Cathedral Sights

From the Duomo’s splendor to Quadrilatero della Moda’s bustling streets, Milan is a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

St. Moritz Day Trip

From Italy, we hop to Switzerland’s St. Moritz. Experience the blend of Italian warmth with Swiss precision. It’s a winter wonderland with ski slopes, luxurious resorts, and captivating landscapes Lake Como!

From Italian Charm to Swiss Elegance

A day in St. Moritz offers snow-clad peaks, luxury resorts, and a hint of Swiss sophistication.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • Exploring Bergamo

Perched high and boasting panoramic views, Bergamo offers a delightful blend of history with its ancient walls and vibrant culture with bustling squares.

  • A Historic Hilltop City

With its Venetian walls and medieval architecture, Bergamo is a step back in time.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide


Lugano is where Italy’s passion meets Switzerland’s meticulousness. Lake como side views, verdant mountains, and an atmosphere that’s pure magic.

  • Merging Italian Flair and Swiss Efficiency

Stroll along the lake como side, shop in high-end boutiques, or savour some delicious Swiss chocolates. Lugano has it all!

The Breathtaking Views from Brunate’s Lighthouse

Seeking an unbeatable view? Climb Brunate’s Lighthouse. The climb might wind you, but the sight from the top? Breathtaking is an understatement!

  • The Breathtaking Perspectives

A short funicular ride from Como takes you to Brunate. The views? Simply spectacular!

Tremezzo and Villa Carlotta

Stroll through Villa Carlotta’s gardens in Tremezzo. With every step, be wowed by sculptures, artworks, and nature in harmony.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • Art and Gardens Await

Villa Carlotta’s botanical gardens and art collections make it a must-visit.

Como City

Como isn’t just about the lake como. Discover its silk-making history, marvel at the impressive Duomo, and indulge in local delicacies.

  • Discovering Menaggio

Away from the usual hustle, Menaggio offers serene lake views, delightful piazzas, and that perfect Italian town vibe.

Villa del Balbianello

Recognize this villa? It’s been a backdrop for numerous films! The gardens, the views… it’s cinematic splendour in reality.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

Film Scenes and Stunning Gardens

Ever wanted to visit a location from a James Bond movie? This is your chance!


Lecco is drama! Not the kind you think, but the scenic drama of mountains meeting the lake, creating a symphony of nature.

  • Between the Mountains and the Lake

Lecco provides a perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy shots.


Sip on some of the finest wines in Sondrio, nestled in the heart of Valtellina. The vino, the ambience – it’s intoxicating, literally!

  • Wine Tasting in Valtellina’s Heart

Sip on some exquisite wines and learn about their making in the heart of Valtellina.

Piona Abbey

Piona Abbey is a testament to time, offering tranquillity and a peek into the past.

  • History and Tranquility Combined

The Romanesque architecture and serene surroundings of Piona Abbey offer a spiritual retreat.

Biking Adventures Around Chiavenna

Fancy some adrenaline? Grab a bike and wind through Chiavenna’s scenic paths.

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • Exploring on Two Wheels

Navigate through picturesque trails and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Chiavenna.

Mandello del Lario

Motorcycle lover? This is your spot! The Moto Guzzi Museum showcases Italy’s grand biking history.

  • For Moto Guzzi Enthusiasts

Home to the Moto Guzzi museum, Mandello del Lario is a pilgrimage for motorcycle enthusiasts.

A Culinary Day Out

No trip is complete without savouring the local delicacies. Risottos, cheeses, and more – your taste buds will be on a joyride!

Day Trips From Lake Como Italy | Full Travel Guide

  • Sampling Lombardy’s Delicacies

Indulge in risottos, cheeses, and more in the culinary heartland of Italy.


From quiet lake como side towns to bustling cities, Lake  surroundings promise adventures galore. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or just someone looking to relax, this region has something for everyone. So, when are you packing your bags?


  • Boats, ferries, and trains are popular modes. Renting a car provides more flexibility.

  • While some areas can be pricey, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available.

  • Yes, numerous companies offer guided tours for most destinations around Lake Como.

  • Each town has its charm, but Bellagio and Varenna are often touted as the most scenic.

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