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White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

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Introduction to White Sand Beach Resort

White Sand Beach Resort has been a favorite among tourists for decades. Established in the 1970s, it has consistently upgraded itself to cater to the evolving needs of global travelers. Koh Chang’s charm, coupled with this resort’s commitment to excellence, has seen thousands flock to its shores year after year.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

  • Resort’s Vision and Mission

White Sand Beach Resort aims to offer an unforgettable tropical experience, emphasizing comfort, luxury, and a connection with nature. Its mission revolves around creating lasting memories for visitors while championing sustainable tourism.

Geographical Location and Climate

  • Koh Chang

The second-largest island in the nation is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a significant Mu Ko Chang National Park area and is renowned for its thick forests, challenging terrain, and diverse wildlife.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

  • Climate Insights

The ideal time to visit White Sand Beach Resort is during the incredible season, from November to February. This period offers the best beach experience with minimal rainfall and moderate temperatures.

How to Get to White Sand Beach Resort

  • Air Travel

Though Koh Chang doesn’t have an airport, the nearest is at Trat. From there, ferries shuttle tourists to the island, with White Sand Beach Resort just a short drive away.

  • Overland and Sea

Multiple bus and taxi services operate from Bangkok to Trat. Once in Trat, regular ferries make the journey to Koh Chang.

Accommodation Options and Rates

  • Room Types

The White Sand Beach offers a range of accommodations, from modestly priced rooms to opulent villas. Everyone may find a place to stay, whether backpackers or seeking a posh experience.

  • Planning

Ahead is advised, especially during peak times. White Sand Beach Resort occasionally provides discounts for bookings made in advance.

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Dining and Cuisine Specialties

  • Local Flavors

Experience authentic Thai cuisine at the resort’s in-house restaurant. From Pad Thai to Tom Yum Goong, the flavors are bound to leave you craving more.

  • International Menu

Understanding the varied palate of its international visitors, White Sand Beach Resort also serves an array of global dishes.

Resort Facilities and Amenities

  • Recreation

With swimming pools, gyms, and sports facilities, White Sand Beach Resort ensures never-dull moments.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

  • Connectivity and Tech

High-speed Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and state-of-the-art tech amenities cater to leisure and business travelers.

The Pristine Beauty of White Sand Beach

  • Natural Beauty

The beach is well-known for its fine white sands, crystal-clear waves, and peaceful atmosphere. Sunbathers and nature lovers will find it to be a heaven.

  • Photography Points

Capture breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. White Sand Beach Resort provides an unmatched backdrop for photographers.

Water Sports and Activities

  • Available Options

White Sand Beach Resort has got you covered from jet-skiing snorkeling to paddle-boarding.

  • Safety Protocols

Training professionals supervise All activities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Nearby Attractions and Sightseeing

  • Island Tours

White Sand Beach organizes island tours, showcasing the rich cultural and natural wonders of Koh Chang.

  • Market Visits

Experience local life by visiting nearby markets. A great place to pick up souvenirs!

Local Culture and Traditions

  • Cultural Events

White Sand Beach Resort often hosts cultural events, providing insights into Thailand’s rich heritage and traditions.

  • Engagement

Interact with locals, participate in traditional ceremonies, and immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Spa and Wellness at the Resort

  • Therapies Offered

From traditional Thai massages to modern wellness therapies, the resort spa promises rejuvenation.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

  • Special Packages

Often, White Sand Beach offers combined stay and spa packages. A perfect way to relax!

Nightlife and Entertainment

  • Live Shows

From traditional Thai performances to modern music, White Sand Beach Resort evenings are always alive.

  • Bars and Lounges

Chill with a cocktail or dance the night away. The resort’s nightlife caters to all moods.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Sustainability

  • Green Practices

White Sand Beach champions eco-friendly practices like water conservation, waste management, and energy saving.

  • Community Engagement

The resort significantly contributes to the community’s welfare by employing locals and promoting sustainable tourism.

Guidelines for a Safe Stay

  • Health Protocols

Due to global health concerns, White Sand Beach Resort has stringent safety and hygiene measures.

  • Respect Local Norms

Visitors are urged to respect local customs and traditions for a harmonious stay.

Travel Packages and Special Deals

  • Seasonal Offers

Depending on the season, White Sand Beach rolls out attractive packages.

  • Group Discounts

Traveling in a group? Look out for special group discounts!

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

Guest Reviews and Experiences

  • Testimonials

Many guests leave heartwarming testimonials about their White Sand Beach Resort stay, emphasizing its unparalleled service and beauty.

  • Feedback Mechanism

White Sand Beach values feedback, using it constructively to improve.

Events and Celebrations at the Resort

  • Wedding Packages

Dreaming of a beach wedding? White Sand Beach Resort might be your ideal venue.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

  • Corporate Events

With top-notch facilities, the resort also caters to corporate events and conferences.

Shopping and Souvenirs

  • On-site Shops

Pick up memorabilia from the resort’s on-site shops.

  • Local Crafts

Nearby markets offer exquisite local crafts, perfect for gifting.

Tips for Family and Kid-Friendly Activities

  • Kids’ Club

White Sand Beach boasts a kids’ club, ensuring the little ones are always entertained.

  • Family Tours

Tailored tours catering specifically to families are also available.

Diving and Marine Life Exploration

  • Dive Sites

Koh Chang’s waters are teeming with marine life. The resort can organize dives for both beginners and pros.

  • Conservation Efforts

Learn about the resort’s marine conservation efforts and how you can contribute.

Planning Your Visit: Best Time to Go

  • Weather Patterns

As mentioned, November to February is the ideal window. However, each season has its unique charm.

  • Festive Seasons

Visiting during local festivals can enhance your experience at White Sand Beach Resort.

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand | Full Guide

Concluding Thoughts: Is White Sand Beach Resort Right for You?

  • Tailored Experiences

Regardless of your vacation goals – relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion – White Sand Beach Resort promises a tailored experience.

  • Commitment to Excellence

The resort’s unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction ensures every visit is memorable.


The nearest airport is in Trat. From there, it's a ferry ride and a short drive to the resort.

Absolutely! The resort caters to varied dietary preferences.

Yes, the resort is equipped to host both personal and corporate events.

The resort champions several green practices and engages in sustainable tourism.

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